Do you Really Need A Mobile Phone Contract?

There are certain things in life that you take for granted that you need. When we started our zero based budget to clear debt we thought we had whittled out all the waste possible. That was until I engaged in a discussion with Christina from ‘Baileys on a Budget‘ and considered the question: do you really need a mobile phone contract?

Christina shares in the comments on her original Instagram post the fact that she and her husband had cancelled both of their mobile phone contracts. Say W.H.A.T.?!!!!! How can they survive you may think?! Actually, perfectly well. Her husband already had a business phone and she spends most of her time at home.

O.K. I am almost always home too… so how does this apply to me? Surely I need a phone for contact with other big people and what happens if there is an emergency? This following realisation turned a dusty light bulb on in my brain:

If you already have broadband at home, why are you paying a mobile phone provider for mobile data access when you are connected to the wi-fi????

WHHHOOOOAAAAA! Shock!!! I, like many of you, was paying twice for the same service to different providers!!! If you are based at home you don’t need a mobile phone contract at all. Thanks to modern technology you can send free messages and make calls on various apps through a WI-FI connection. Better still, many public places and restaurants (for example) also offer free WI-FI.

Now, to be honest, when I called up my service provider to change to PAYG for emergencies when I didn’t have broadband they bamboozled me so much that I ended up staying on contract… but for only £5 a month, which is still a substantial annual saving.

The average cost of a mobile phone contract in the UK is £27 a month. That’s £324 a year. I stopped paying for a service that I was never actually using and paid for Christmas instead with one quick phone call.

The best surprise saving though was time. Today, when I am out of the house I know that I no longer have unlimited data allowance so I am not checking my phone every two seconds.

Therefore, please consider, do you really need a mobile phone contact? I didn’t… and chances are you do not either. Be more present in your life and have more pennies in your pocket. Let me know how you get on.