How We Made £500 This Month

This post is about how we made £500 this month in addition to our income, but it is meant as a source of inspiration for you to be able to replicate our success at home. This happened without much effort on our part. Imagine what we could collectively achieve financially if we all put our minds to it.

Part 1: eBay

We set about listing and reselling some big ticket items we had lying around the house that we no longer needed. Over the four weeks we sold a rug, large mirror, baby bouncer, nearly new trainers and baby seat. When selling on eBay you must allow for their sellers fees and PayPal charges if not using cash on collection. Have a look around your home today and see how much potential money you have simply lying about. Total made = £123

Part 2: Lodger

We have a spare bedroom that we call the playroom, but in reality the children prefer playing with their toys downstairs and the room goes unused. When we learnt that a member of family would be stuck for somewhere to stay for a few weeks we offered up our spare room to them at a bargain mates rate. If you do not have a spare room to rent out to someone you know, maybe you have valuable storage or parking space lying empty instead. Total made = £100

Part 3: Reduced Shopping Haul

We have a set food budget every week but I was determined to save that extra money this month so I cut it back dramatically. I shopped our food cupboards for meals we already had all the ingredients for and we did without certain miscellaneous luxury items for a month. I also changed how we shop. We usually order online for convenience but I walked to our local budget superstore instead and was amazed at the savings I could make on our everyday items. Have you tried out a Lidl or Aldi, for example, near you? Total made = £117

Part 4: Betting

Slightly controversial and I wouldn’t usually recommend it, but on my part it was completely low risk. I signed up to a website called Profit Accumulator* who take the hassle out of matched betting for you. It is a subscription service but you can try it out for free and start making money right away. You place money with an online bookmaker offering free bets and then counter those bets on an exchange. This system is completely legal and allows you to keep most of the free money. Repeat and you can earn hundreds of pounds a month. Try them out here* today (*this is an affiliate link but I truly stand by this company; I am really grateful to you for using it to help towards future totals – thank you!) Total made (in 1 week as I started learning in week 3) = £62.

Not to be outdone, my husband bet on a football accumulator and ended up winning… the jammy dodger! Do not try this at home. Better to start matched betting ASAP instead. Total made = £98.

So that is how we made £500 this month to supplement our income. I would love to hear about how you get on with these ideas at home. Let me know in the comments below.

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