Top 5 Tips On How To Save Holiday Money At Butlins

Butlins is the perfect short break destination for young families. We are big fans and this is not a sponsored post. There are almost always great deals to be found when booking your Butlins holiday plus the price includes a whole host of free entertainment. You can save thousands by booking here instead of selecting a foreign vacation during the early years and I promise the children will have endless fun. Plenty of time for tropical trips later in life when they can truly appreciate it. Therefore, while we are on a frugal fun money saving roll, let us look at our top 5 tips on how to save holiday money at Butlins during your stay:

Book A Self Catering Apartment

Food options at Butlins include dining plans which are available for full board or bed and breakfast. These are available at their private buffet restaurants. Alternatively there are chain restaurants on site plus food stands for your convenience. The best and cheapest option though is to opt for a self-catering apartment. There are small supermarkets on the resort but use them for last minute and/or forgotten purchases only.

Make a food plan before you go for the days you are there and the number of people you are travelling with. Do a big supermarket shop the morning before you travel and you can save yourself a small fortune. Pick meals that do not require frozen ingredients if you are travelling a fair distance. Keep it simple to save you money and time while you are away. You want to enjoy the holiday too and not be tied to the cooker all day. Depending on your accommodation selection, you may also wish to pack your own dish-washing items and toiletries.

Take Your Own Swim Towels

Again, depending upon your accommodation selection, you may need to bring towels for your room. However, swim towels are often overlooked. Extra towels are available to hire but save yourself a few pounds and pack your own instead. On the topic of swimming, lockers are usually £1 which is redeemable and you will probably need 2 for an average family as they are fairly small. You may also want to think about anything else the children will need while they are there that you may already own or can find cheaper at home: googles, floats, swim nappies, etc.

Bring Cash

When saving money it is best to use cash anyway as you can allocate each penny and watch where it goes. Butlins widely take card payments but you will need cash if you plan to use some of the rides and arcades. There are cash machines available on site but they will charge you for withdrawals. Therefore, plan ahead for how much you will need and be sure to withdraw that amount before entering the park.

Pre-Plan Your Activities

There are countless fun experiences for the children to partake in during your stay. Stay on top of the cost of these activities by downloading the Butlins app from I-Tunes or Google Play before you go. The app displays what is on during your visit and which options are and are not included in the cost of your break. You can then schedule an itinerary to carry with you. Discuss with the family what they would like to do before you go so can you help manage expectations and extra expenses.

Specify A Child Allowance

On the theme of managing expectations and expenses, give each child an allowance for their holiday. This limitation will help you keep track of how much money is being spent in the arcades and shops and will also help teach the children the value of money (plus gratitude for what they have if we are feeling lucky!)


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