Earn Free Money From Barclays Bank

I have received over £80 in free money from Barclays Bank over the last ten months. That may not be enough to retire on but it is not to be sniffed at either. Read on to find out how you too can earn free money from Barclays Bank.

step one

If you are not already, become a Barclays Bank customer. Once you are all set up you need to sign up for their Barclays Blue Rewards scheme.

step two

The Barclays Blue Reward scheme is designed to reward you points for purchases with affiliated companies. My experience of this is that the rewards are not that great and they take forever to credit. However, by simply signing up and paying £3 a month to be a member, you are automatically credited back £7 in rewards that you can withdraw immediately or save up as a small sinking fund for birthdays and holidays.


Barclays also offers reward points for extra products you take out with them. For example, I recently took out a small holiday loan with them that I cleared shortly afterwards. However, I now receive an extra £1 a month in my Barclays Blue Rewards Wallet. I am yet to see whether this ceases now the loan has ended but for now that is extra free money for a product I was going to use anyway.

So that is it folks. That is how I earn free money from Barclays Bank. Currently set at £5 a month profit. If I saved this over the year for Christmas I’d have £60 to treat my loved ones… or myself!