Save Money On Items Your Baby Does Not Need

Read below to find out how you too could save money on items your baby does not need. You could save up to around £700; money that could be better invested into your baby’s future. Disclaimer: All opinions are my own from my personal experience. I would urge you to do all your own safety research first and whatever you feel most comfortable with (contains affiliate links)

A crib.

By the time you have purchased a crib and all the accompaniments you could have paid out a small fortune if buying new. Shopping second hand is a great alternative but have you ever considered co-sleeping? I hear sharp intakes of breath but honestly lots of people do it every day successfully and safely and the children sleep better as they feel safer close to their mother. Special nests and pods are available for purchase which can be great co-sleeping aids in the early days. If you think this could be for you please ensure that you read up fully on how to co-sleep safely with your new born. Potential saving: £250

A changing bag and mat.

Do you seriously need specialist bags with special compartments? Do you not have a bag in your closet that would suffice to carry a few nappies and wipes? As for a changing mat, any old towel would do but, travel mats are a great alternative to the traditional ones that take up so much room. Potential saving: £40

A baby monitor.

Believe me, if your baby cries you will know about it and I very much doubt you will need a monitor to tell you so. If you would like one for peace of mind than a basic version will suffice perfectly well. Potential saving: £60

A travel system.

Rather than wasting hundreds of pounds on an all singing system perhaps consider investing in a baby carrier for when they are very young. You can then sell them on and swap them for larger sizes as your baby grows until they are comfortable in a buggy. Or again you could look into second hand alternatives for both travel systems and carriers. Potential saving: £250

Stair gates.

Careful use of stairs and educating the baby from when they are successfully crawling and they will respect the stairs and you may never find need for stair gates. You could also look around your home for items your could re-purpose for a short time. Potential saving: £50.


Babies are more interested in their parents and love treasure baskets made up of everyday items collected from around the home. This cost can be hugely variable. Potential saving: £50

Baby Bottles Set.

If you can establish a successful breastfeeding relationship with your child than that is wonderful for both of you and for your pocket. Some wonderful help is available from La Leche League if you find yourself struggling. Potential initial saving:£60+.

Is there anything else that you were adamant you needed when preparing for your new baby’s arrival that you never used too? Let me know in the comments below.