How to Plan a Wedding for Less than £1000

How to Plan a Wedding for Less than £1000:

  1. Find a lovely public park that allows gatherings and choose your picturesque location. Large parties may need to obtain a permit first but small groups can usually congregate for free. Cost = £0.
  2. Obtain your marriage licence at the local registry office. Cost = £70.
  3. A quick Google search and a few emails later and secure an officiant to conduct your ceremony with personalised vows. Cost = £200.
  4. Make your own invites. Let your creativity take over and your frugality shine through. Cost = £20.
  5. Scout the high street for your perfect outfits. Cost = £250.
  6. Choose simple bands as your wedding rings. It’s all about the marriage and not the diamonds. Rings Cost = £200.
  7. Make your own bouquet… you can go as simple or extravagant as you please. How about using silk flowers so it will last forever? Cost = £50.
  8. Ask around for a wedding photographer who will be willing to work at a fixed price for an hour (including digital copies of all the files). You could even ask attendees to take candid shots and video for you to collate at a later date. Cost = £150.
  9. Pick a local cafe or favourite pub for a simply special wedding breakfast. Cost = £50.
  10. Ask for a wedding cake as a gift… or cupcakes. Or make one yourself out of your weekly grocery budgets. Cost = £0.

All these costs are variable as they will be personalised to you and your choices. Just stay true to you, your partner and budget at all times = wedding planning and life advice all rolled into one. Let me know how you get on with your ‘How to Plan a Wedding for Less than £1000’ experience. Lastly, and most importantly, have a fabulous time!