How To Save Money And Headaches Over The Summer Holidays

This article will teach you all about how to save money and headaches over the summer holidays.

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Is the mere thought of the school breaking up bringing mild panic to your mind? Is the phrase ‘K.I.S.S.’ (keep it simple stupid) new to you? I came to it late in life but have kept it close to my heart ever since. Find out how ‘’ can help you today:


Looking at the six weeks as a whole can be daunting. But take each week as it comes and repeat a simple format and you’re onto a winner. Children thrive on wholesome family time and routine. Luckily for us that does not require breaking out the cheque book. Grab a calendar or our handy free download:

  1. Write down any pre bookings you are aware of
  2. Mark out the remaining weekends as you can treat them as any other

Now you are left with five days to cover; five days which can contain the same activities throughout the holidays:


Monday: Cooking together. Plan what you would like to cook together, source recipes and shop for ingredients before the main activity. Practise English, maths and science all while having fun learning a new skill.

Tuesday: Arrange a play date. Travel to distant friends, play with the neighbours kids, organise a social park meet up or just exchange visits at one another’s houses.

Wednesday: Connect with family… good for the soul and your pockets.

Thursday: Go to the library. Many local libraries organise reading challenges over the holidays that the children love. Everyone appreciates a sticker and a medal for something well done.

Friday: Be a tourist in your county. Visit different parks or local attractions and take a picnic with you to make an ordinary outing into an adventure… happy kids, happy adults, happy bank manager.

There are lots of other ideas you could incorporate too… water play in the garden is always a winner with kids. Geocaching, crabbing and indoor camping are also great fun and require little equipment. Perhaps there is a new skill they would like to learn or you could set tasks around the home to help them save towards something they really want like a toy, scooter or a special day out for example.

I have created a free printable to help you with your planning and I would love to know if you use it and what activities you choose.

Whatever the weather, have a great summer!